Engine 1
First Due Fire Attack / Extrication

Engine 1 is typically the first SHVFD on scene, it is a 20XX? E-One Custom Cab-over Engine with a 1250gpm Hale pump. E1 carries 1200 gallons of water and carries tools for motor vehicle crashes and clearing storm damage

Engine 2
Pumper / Water Supply

Engine 2 (Formerly Engine 1) is a 198x? International fire Engine. Engine 2 also has a 1250gpm pump and 1200 gallons of water on board. Engine 2 supports typically engine 1 providing extra attack lines on a fire scene or will setup water supply to feed the fireground

Water 1
Water Tender

Water "1" (aka "The Tanker") is the life-line of the department. Water one is a mid-2000's International and carries 2300 gallons of water on board. W1 carries a portable pond, portable pumps, and our large diameter hose. 

Fire Boat 1
Water Rescue / Island Operations

Fire boat 1 is the first due apparatus for water rescue calls and for fire calls on Providence Island or other islands within our mutual aid districts. Fire Boat 1 has a hoist to lift patients on a backboard out of the water and is typically in the water at Apple Island for the summer.

Squad 3
Support / First Response

Squad 3 is the latest addition to our department (replacing Utility 3). Squad 3 is the first due apparatus for South Hero First Response Unit. On the Fireground Squad 3 carries additional members to the scene, resupplies air bottles to the scene and carries our wildland tools for brush and grass fires.

Utility 1