Burn Permits

 General Information

  • What can be burned: ONLY unpainted or untreated wood products, leaves and brush may be burned. 
  • You may not Burn: Plywood, Painted, treated or finished wood, Plastics, Rubber (tires), Cardboard or paper. 
  • All Fires must be attended at all times, and all fires must be completely extinguished before leaving them unattended.


  • Campfires are small fires used for cooking and/or warmth.
  • Campfires need to be confined by a Fire Pit, Ring, or other non-combustible containment method. 
  • Fire pits should be 4ft in diameter or less to be considered a camp-fire.

All other Fires requires a Burn Permit

  • Burning is only permitted during daylight hours.

To obtain a burn permit in

South Hero, Vermont

Please contact:

South Hero Town Clerk


or visit
Vermont Department of Forestry, Parks, and Recreation
Grand Isle County Fire Wardens