Home Heating Safety

Open Fireplaces and woodstoves can be a serious fire hazard, Make sure you use a screen that fits your fireplace or woodstove. Ensure dampers are open and combustibles are #3FeetAway. Use a screen to protect children and property from accidentally touching or falling on the side of the fireplace or woodstove.

Annual Maintenance for Fireplaces, Woodstoves, Furnaces, Boilers, and All heating appliances is essential for optimal efficiency and to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide issues resulting from poor chimney performance.

Power Strips, Socket Splitters, and extension cords should not be used for space heaters. Most houses have 15 amp receptacles and 15 to 20 amp circuits. Many 1500 watt heaters (a common size) draw 12.5 amps. This will likely max out a receptacle AND the circuit. Adjacent outlets may not be able to be used simultaneously with the heater.

3 Feet Away is a good rule of thumb for many Fire Prevention topics, you’ll see “3 Feet Away” in future Fire Prevention posts.
The last topic we want to cover is keeping All of your vents, Heating, Dryer, and sewer vents clear of snow. This includes vents on your roof.

From South Hero Volunteer Fire Department we hope you have a warm and Safe heating season!